The Geo Applications has been founded in UK in 2013 with the research center in Czech Republic for a purpose of DMT method and technology development and commercialization. Our research development has begun in our lab, continued into non-commercial case studies, and currently extends into commercial application. As we make further progress, we continue to improve our unique DMT Technology for further application, where we can achieve the significant impact upon exploration.

In order to develop a highly successful method and technology of exploration, our team consists of the necessary partners and advisors. Our team incorporates experts from several fields of exploratory geology (Geophysics, Geoscience, Petrophysics, Complex geological interpretation and Basin analysis).


prof Viliam Vatrt
Lubos Sokol

Prof. Viliam Vatrt

Head of Research

• Co-founder of Geo Applications

• Scientific personality in the field of satellite and global geodesy

• Determined numerical value of the potential on geoid W0, which has been accepted internationally and included in the set of world constant

• Received many awards in the Czech Republic and abroad

Lubos Sokol

Principal Geoscientist

• Experienced DMT Technology interpreter

• ArcGIS software expert and lecturer

• Placed in Top 10 Mol group UPPP program

doc Lubomil Pospisil

Assoc. Prof. Lubomil Pospíšil

Head of Interpretation

• Co-founder of Geo Applications

• Non seismics methods expert

• Participated in or managed several expeditions (Sudan,Syria, Cameroon, etc.)

• Worked on Mapping of Surfaces, Properties, and Volumes for Reservoir Characterization

Ludvik Slavik

Operations manager
Marek Goldbach
Petr Heyduk

Marek Goldbach

Head of Exploration Team

• Experienced DMT Technology interpreter

• Schlumberger – Petrel software Expert

Petr Heyduk

Sales director