Comprehensive exploration reports based on a Density Mapping Technology (DMT).

Geo Applications embrace a holistic method in exploration: integrating novel and cutting-edge techniques (Density Mapping Technology) with more conventional exploration datasets (potential fields, well and seismic data) to provide explorationists with a unique structural framework from which to drive exploration.

Our reports are data-rich and delivered in a range of industry standard formats to enable licensees to immediately benefit from the advantages provided by this revolutionary approach.

The reports combine benefits of DMT with other potential field and/or seismic data to provide a complex view on tectonics, basement and basin structure, sedimentary thickness and petroleum systems. The DMT Regional Reports are highly beneficial for seismic survey planning as:

  • Advanced method for new seismic acquisition planning
  • Purchase of most valuable existing seismic data

DMT reports also incorporate publicly available seismic data to significantly improve seismic interpretation and to track structures of interest between and out of seismic sections.

Geo Applications offers application of DMT seismic tool on clients own seismic data in order to significantly improve interpretation and increase amount of information gained from seismic data. Special combination of DMT and 2D seismic surfaces, DMT Trend Surface provides unique chance to identify structures lost between 2D seismic lines. Realization of trend surface interpolation is possible only with DMT data.

Competitive advantage

Core Benefits of our reports

  1. Structural mapping
    • Tectonic characterization of the area
    • Delineation of faults, structural highs, basin boundaries, etc.Multi_text
  2. Basement structure and depth to basement model
    • Identification of elevated basement structures which may
      hydrocarbon traps
    • Sub-basalt interpretation of basement structure
  3. Basin structure and sedimentary thickness

    • Accurate delineation of basins structure
    • Sedimentary thickness evaluation
    • Identification of channel complexes
  4. Initial Petroleum System Evaluation
  5. Seismic refinement
    • Resolve uncertainities in seismic interpretation
    • Sub -basalt and sub-salt interpretation
  6. Tracking of geological structures out of the 2D seismic data
    • Interpolation and extrapolation of promissing geological structures such as channels, elevations etc. out of and between 2D seismic data
  7. DMT Trend Surface
    • Accurate interpolation and extrapolation of basement and basins structures from seismic data

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