DMT Data

Density Mapping Technology (DMT) is a novel way of calculating the density variations of the Earth’s crust. Calculation of Density Deviations uses the geoid potential of own more precise W0 together with an extensive set of coefficients and additional information’s.

Founder of Geo-application Prof. Villiam Vatrt developed W0 constant (numerical value of the Geoid potential), which has been accepted internationally and incorporated into the set of fundamental constants. In following research he discovered new approach of Gravity data calculation based on W0 constant together in combination with extensive set of coefficients and additional information’s in connection with altitude data from explored area. DMT Data calculated by this approach are more accurate and has better resolutions than all available conventional data.

The DMT method does not require any direct geodesy and geophysical measurement in the area, which is being explored More than a million of special coefficients.
DMT can be produced quickly and is availible everywhere on the Earth.

The DMT also uses already available specifically processed additional Big data from various geophysical satellites, ground-based geodetic and geophysical data (Earth components of angular velocity rotation, gravitational constant and precise dimensions of the Earth).

The DMT method provides a new, more accurate density anomalies information, which will help us to understand the subsurface geology better and to obtain more accurate information on the potentially productive structures, which significantly helps to increase the success rate of prospecting and to overcome the most complex subsurface challenges all around the world.

Our technology enables us to process  and provide data very fast and with low expenses over extensive areas in all offshore regions (including arctic) around the world without the need for physical measurements at the given locations.

DMT Technology

The DMT technology uses our own developed SW for calculation of the DMT data. Geo-applications team use professional geophysical SW for processing and interpretation.The DMT technology with its new information significantly enhances the process of the interpretation.  In connection with other existing methods, such as gravimetry, seismics, etc. it provides new view and possibilities for next exploration stages.

Application of the DMT method and technology:

  • Sub-basalt exploration
  • Basement structure mapping
  • Salt mapping
  • Channel mapping
  • Success increase in seismic survey planning
  • Effective refinement of seismic data
  • Hydrocarbon potential evaluation over extensive areas anywhere in the world without physical measurement in the given locations