Team of skilled geophysicists and petroleum and structural geologists in Geo-applications offers other optional services and customisation with the clients data.

  • Interpretation of seismic and well log data
  • Gravity and magnetic data interpretation
  • Paleogeography and plate-tectonic evolution forms basis for heat flow evaluation, crustal stretching characterization and petroleum system modelling.
  • 1D basin modelling is important part of exploration to enhance the knowledge about source rock maturity, reservoir characterization or heat flow of the area.
  • 3D Heat Flow evaluation is based on DMT Trend Surface, paleogeographical reconstructions, crustal model, 1D basin modelling and seismic data.
  • 3D Petroleum System modelling. Source rock evaluations include burial history and maturity modelling, and correlation with known hydrocarbons.
  • Training and consultancy for DMT data application.
  • Geodesy. Development of transformation parameters between coordinates of Local Geodetic Datum (LGD) and the World Geodetic System 1984 (WGS 84).

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