Our mission is to reduce exploration cost and risk with revolutionary potential fields techniques.

Density Mapping Technology (DMT) is a novel way of calculating the density variations of the Earth’s crust. Team of Geo Applications led by prof. Viliam Vatrt developed Density Mapping Technology (DMT), which provides completely new type of gravity data for offshore areas. DMT is most useful for new ventures and regional to semi-regional exploration. It could be used up to the semi-detailed exploration stage when combined with seismic data

DMT shows more structural detail at relatively shallower economic depth mapping compared to comparable datasets.

DMT Unique selling points:

  • Sub-basalt exploration
  • Basement structure mapping
  • Salt mapping
  • Channel mapping

Our solutions significantly help to increase the global success rate of Oil & Gas exploration.
We believe that future exploration approaches will be based on new informations from Big data. The DMT technology provides this type of data, which will allow better interpretation of the subsurface anomalies of the Earth.

Completely data
New for more accurate
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DMT is a novel cutting edge potential fields technology developed by Geo-Applications.

  • Revolutionary new approach to satellite potential fields
  • High resolution structural and sedimentary feature information
  • Robust sub-basalt imaging and salt mapping
  • Effective designing of seismic surveys and adding value to existing data

Geo Applications confirmed impressive results and credibility in the areas:

  • South Africa
  • Faroe Shetland basin
  • West UK margin
  • Beaufort & Chukchi Seas

The DMT will effectively increase the success rate of oil & gas exploration and it will reduce risks and save investments into exploration and drilling in hundreds of millions of USD.