Our mission is to increase the success rate of oil & gas and water exploration using new data.

Team of Geo Applications led by prof. Viliam Vatrt developed Density Mapping Technology (DMT), which provides completely new type of gravity data for offshore areas. These new gravity data, called Density Deviations (DD), are more accurate than other types of offshore gravity data and often as informative and valuable as 2D seismic measurements. Because of that we are able to accurately evaluate basin and basement 3D structure and increase success rate of planning new seismic acquisitions or purchasing of existing seismic data. DMT also serves as an advanced tool for refinement of seismic interpretation and tracking of promising structures out of and between seismic data.

Our solutions significantly help to increase the global success rate of Oil & Gas exploration.
We believe that future exploration approaches will be based on new informations from Big data. The DMT technology provides this type of data, which will allow better interpretation of the subsurface anomalies of the Earth.

Our data and technology demonstrably serve as efficient tool for Oil & Gas and Seismic Companies:

  • More efficient planning and realization of seismic measurement in all stages
  • More accurate interpretation of seismic data
  • Identification of new prospective areas
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Geo Applications confirmed impressive results and credibility in the areas:

  • South Africa
  • Faroe Shetland basin
  • West UK margin

The DMT will effectively increase the success rate of oil & gas exploration and it will reduce risks and save investments into exploration and drilling in hundreds of millions of USD.

Global success rates 2005 - 2020

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